Dandelion - Nature's Top Supplement

Dandelion makes you healthier. The weeds are bursting with vitamins. So it has important health benefits. According to researchers, the flower even kills cancer cells in the laboratory.

Dandelion for Improved Health

A few years ago the University of Windsham did research on dandelion. In the context of cancer. According to them, the weeds could kill cancer cells. If we look at liver and intestinal cancer, then the flower does have an effect. 1 2 Also treats stomach and skin cancer. 3 4 What is striking about dandelion is that it acts quickly and is non-toxic. The flower leads to the death of cancer cells and has long-lasting effects. It is mainly the root that does this.

Rich in Vitamins

Every part of this herb is edible. From the root to the flower. And it' s a good thing, too. Dandelion is full of vitamins A, B, C and D. And also contains minerals such as iron, potassium and zinc.

Benefits of the Leaves

The leaves contain more beta carotene than carrots. This makes the dandelion not inferior to carrots when it comes to eyes.

The green of contains 535% of RDA vitamin K. An important vitamin for strong bones and to prevent cognitive decline.

According to a 2011 study, the root causes the death of leukaemia cells. According to the researchers, tea would not have the same 'killing' effect.

Animal studies show that the plant balances cholesterol in a natural way.

The plant is a natural diuretic that helps the kidneys to filter and remove waste products, salt and excess fluid. An old European proverb used to say: 'Children who pick flowers make their beds wet', and this may be the reason.

Dandelion extract strengthens the immune system and successfully combats unwanted microbes.

Dandelion helps the digestive system and both fresh and dried leaves stimulate the appetite and calm the stomach. The root acts as a mild laxative.

Dandelions cleansing effect on the liver is of course very well known.

With this overload of antioxidants, the dandelion is a good addition. To keep aging away as long as possible and diseases outside the door.

What Else is in Dandelion?

Dandelion contains a large amount of healthy substances. This gives you a top supplement from nature for free.


  • Caffeic Acid
  • Chrysoeriol
  • Chlorogenic acid
  • Lutoleine
  • Chicory acid


  • Taraxasterol
  • Caffeic Acid
  • Chicory acid
  • Ainsloside
  • Tetrahydroidentine
  • Taraxacolide
  • Tarazic acid


  • Quercetin glycosides
  • Chicory acid
  • Stigmasterolen
  • Sesquiterpenen

These are all antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances.

Anti-aging for Your Skin

Of course you can buy an expensive cream. But you can also eat dandelion. The effect of the weed on numerous skin problems has been proven many times. Also when it comes to skin aging.

Sun Protection from The Inside

Sunburn oil is still seen as the gold standard to protect the skin.  But the ingredients themselves can become free radicals if they are activated by UV light. The chemicals are absorbed into the skin and are harmful.

Leaf and Flower

Then you're better off with sun protection from the inside out. Make sure you have dandelion extract with you. A mere 30 micrograms will save your cells from death from UVB radiation. This makes it very suitable as an anti-aging agent. Even before you go into the sun, the extract does all its work. A dose higher than 30 mcg makes no difference anymore. So less is more.

For anti-ageing effects on the skin take the leaf and flower. The root does not do much against UV radiation. This is probably because the flowers and leaves contain more polyphenols.

Tips for Dandelion in the Kitchen

The leaves of the plant, like the flowers themselves, are edible and non-toxic. Not even in large quantities. However, they are very bitter and for that reason they are not used very often in our countries.

In countries where food is not accessible to everyone, they are very often used in salads.

Strange idea perhaps, but dandelion fits perfectly in the kitchen. To temper the bitter taste, blanch it in boiled water for 20/30 seconds. Skip the ripe leaves, they are not very tasty.

Herbal Vinegar

Put some dandelion in cider vinegar for 4 weeks. Filter it and keep it in a dark place (maximum 12 months). You can do this over salads. But you can also use it as an invigorating tonic by mixing it with water.

As an alternative kimchi, for your intestinal flora.

Use it as an alternative to kimchi. Eat your way to good intestinal health. Ferment the green herbs, spices and onions.

Refreshing Drink

Make a refreshing summer drink from freshly picked flowers. Add sugar, honey and lemon juice. The colder you drink it, the tastier it is.

Coffee, but Different

No particle of the humble dandelion needs to be lost. If you have the roots left over, this is handy for a cup of coffee. Suitable if you are in need of relaxation in your life. Or have too much time. Because you have to be patient.

You clean the roots. Then you put them on a sheet of baking paper. Then you roast them at 65 degrees until they are dry and dark. This is a slow process and takes a few hours. Leave to cool and grind the carrots with a blender. Then put a tablespoon in a cup of water and let it soak. After filtering it is ready.

For Pain and Inflammation

Soothing Oil

Dandelion is one of the most powerful plants to relieve joint pain and aching muscles. When you draw flowers in oil and rub it on muscles and joints, relief comes. Fill a pot with fresh flowers. Put in a base oil (olive or almond). Fill the pot until it is full. Leave the pot in a warm place for two weeks before filtering the oil. Then keep it in the fridge.

For Other Ailments:

The herb is also used to treat arthritis and yellowing of the skin due to problems with the liver such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Modern alternative healers use the plant to detoxify the liver and alleviate certain side effects of medications. Dandelion can also help cleanse the liver when strong medication is used that causes damage to the liver.

However, treating liver problems are not the only benefits of the Dandelion.

Dandelion is also used to prevent swelling, treat infections, it is used for its diuretic effect, problems with the breasts, bile, pneumonia and viruses.

The plant is seen as a stimulant for the body. It will mainly stimulate the urinary tract and all organs associated with it. In addition, it is a potent remedy for liver disorders.

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